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Meet The Team

Matthew Piry


Matthew has worked in many capacities for some of Canada’s top construction organizations. Over his career he has amalgamated a vast spectrum of project responsibilities from experience as a Project Manager to handling national accounts. He has a diploma in Building Technology (Dip.Tech.) and a Construction Management Degree (B.Sc.) both from BCIT. At Curve Group he brings an impressive record of creating highly effective relationships with clients and key business partners and a vast experience in project management across the construction industry.

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The most elaborate and sophisticated buildings are the product of careful imagination. It’s what we do: we imagine alongside you and proceed to create it.

Matthew Piry

Andy Kohler


Andy is a construction professional with over 20 years of industry experience. Over that time, he has completed complex projects in various sectors.

Having built an outstanding record of successful completion of projects across Western Canada, Andy shares his construction experiences as a leader of the team at Curve Group. He provides oversight and guidance to the team, ensuring that clients’ objectives are accomplished through anticipating of challenges and overcoming them with collaborative solutions. He is a LEED AP certified expert and has a diploma in Business Management from BCIT. 

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It’s not enough for a building to be irrefutably beautiful – it must be equally functional to stand the test of time.

Andy Kohler

Meet the Team

With technological and other industry advances making construction all the more complex, it’s important to have the very best talents working on your project.

Every aspect of a construction job is critical to the overall success of the project. From planning to build-up, implementation through closeout; the quality of workmanship handling the process is crucial and can make or break your project.

So, at Curve Group, our secret to bringing the highest quality workmanship and a tailored approach to each project is to have the very best industry talents on hand. We are collaborative in our approach, but are keen to let everyone take charge only where they have a proven record of success.

From our top leadership to the last handyman on the ground, Curve Group is comprised experts with years of experience in their respective areas of specialization. This is how we guarantee high value from start to finish in our preconstruction, construction, design build and development services. 

From the initial design to project closeout, we have a team of handpicked professionals who work directly on job sites to help deliver the projects, keep on schedule, provide orientations, meet safety requirements and manage subtrades directly to match our clients’ timescales, vision and financial projections.

Site Supervisors

Every project we manage is supervised by an expert with years of diverse experience – leading teams in a multitude of construction sectors and disciplines. Every site supervisor at Curve Group has successfully delivered numerous multi-million dollar projects and mastered every aspect of the job. Our field supervisors are proficient resource managers. They take the demands of the job and match them with available resources to ensure that every project is a success.


Our foremen have been around long enough to provide hands on assistance wherever required on site. They work directly with our Site Supers and are often tasked with rough carpentry responsibilities on site. They engage in site orientations and tool box meetings on site to ensure a safe work zone. Cure Group foremen are often equipped with the knowhow to manage small to medium sized projects.  With their vast construction knowledge, our site Supervisors act as direct mentors to help our foremen step into a more senior role


All laborers at Curve Group are tasked with site cleanliness and take great care in material management and trade deliveries which help keep a project on task and on time. Our crew is comprised of experienced individuals who are well acquainted with construction safety.

Site Safety Officers

We work with enthusiastic, certified construction safety officers who are keen to promote and foster a solid safety attitude and work ethic. They are always on hand to ensure that every construction worker is following established policies and safety regulations so that the construction site is a safe place for all.

Leadership: Meet the Team
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