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We offer due diligence, estimating, scheduling, tendering as well as construction management and/or supervision for your project.

Curve Design Build

We bring the highest level of workmanship and personalized approach to each unique project. Let us help you find the relevant design on your budget and schedule.

Curve Development Services

We have the flexibility to ramp resources up or down to match your deal flow. Planning and zoning, forecasting and end user services tailored for you.


At Curve Group, we realize that your business growth is the reason why you’re building. Understanding what drives your business is how we tailor our construction services to ensure your project vision, critical success factors and performance measures are met.

We are committed to delivering next-level commercial construction on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our team of seasoned construction professionals provide dependable pre-construction and construction management services that strike a balance between delivering a project that meets standards of quality and functionality, and keeping costs at all-times low.

We begin each construction project with a clear blue print of your specific needs. We work collaboratively with you to establish the project parameters. Once this is done, the design development process follows, before we proceed to the actual project execution.

Our approach to construction is very hands-on and involves the following:

  • Doing due diligence

Construction firms foregoing their due diligence in an effort to be perceived as a low-cost is the number one reason for cost overruns and missed schedules based on our experience. This often results in a high level of risk for the client. Curve Group fills the gap by reviewing the site, landlord's requirements, drawings, schedule and estimate in order to identify items that have been overlooked and/or not sufficiently accounted for.

  • Estimating

We have an extensive network of Western Canadian subcontractors and suppliers that provide us with a rich spectrum for our estimation process. We’re so confident in our process that we will guarantee a fixed-price and schedule within three weeks of request.

  • Scheduling

We take a holistic approach in our scheduling process. We provide a complete project schedule which includes: design, permitting, landlord turnover, procurement, inspections and owner’s furniture, fixture & equipment tasks/milestones in addition to construction tasks. This allows our clients to see the whole picture right off the bat.

  • Tendering

We have experienced estimating professionals who prepare and tender your project. This allows your company to benefit from our proven network of qualified trades and construction suppliers.

  • Construction management

Curve provides qualified construction professionals who manage all aspects of the construction and provide consistent and relevant progress reports including weekly reports with site photos and formal monthly reports, so you and your stakeholders have peace of mind.

  • Construction supervision

Curve provides qualified site superintendent(s) suited to your specific project. Each supervisor has a laptop and handheld device so they receive all information updates in real time. This fosters collaboration among members of the project team and allows the site to be more agile at incorporating adjustments while remaining on schedule.

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Design Build

Our starting point is always to get an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and construction needs, before we move to quickly and smartly create a transparent and manageable project plan.


Based on solid understanding of the client’s needs, Curve Group provides a comprehensive, turn-key solution guaranteeing relevant design, quality finishes and peace-of-mind.

Design-build has historically been managed by constructors who have little knowledge of the design process. This lack of understanding causes a disconnect between the two disciplines, often resulting in a space that doesn’t successfully project your brand or support your critical business function(s).

​Our team has over twenty years’ experience in managing architects, interior designers and professional engineers in the design-build process. This direct, hands-on experience has been invaluable in understanding the importance of design. It benefits the project by providing a space that sells your business to current and prospective clients, while attracting and retaining the best talents through a conducive and productive work environment.

  • Design

Curve believes that finding the right designer for your project is key. We work with you to find the most relevant design for your project.

  • ​Budget

We don’t sacrifice the design to meet your budget; instead we engage our proven network of subcontractors and suppliers to find materials and labour efficiency that supports the design without breaking the budget.

  • Schedule

Through the early engagement of subcontractors and suppliers in the design process, we secure products and crews early, so that the projects are delivered on time. Curve has extensive experience in starting on tasks that don’t require a permit but keep the project completion dates from slipping.

We are so confident in our ability to provide accurate solutions – we will provide a firm duration and price within three weeks of your request.

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 Development Services

We have the flexibility to ramp resources up or down to match your deal flow. Our development services incorporate activities from conceptualization, including designing and zoning to forecasting and master planning, to project completion and end user services tailored for you.

We are keen to collaborate with our clients individually, treating each clients’ development needs as unique from the other. This way, we always meet the highest standards and quality without spinning out of budget at every phase.

Maximize your returns by keeping soft costs to a minimum.

  • Planning and Zoning

Curve Group leverages its network of development experts to confirm existing zoning, but more importantly; provide development options for the highest and best use of a property. We then collaborate with you to craft a development strategy. Our team can stick-handle development applications, rezoning, variances and provide technical support at every stage of the planning approvals process.

  • Forecasting

We provide you with the early site and building plans and cost clarity so that your proformas are more accurate. We collaborate with our Western Canada wide network of subcontractors and suppliers to confirm our in-office estimates. This method balances confidentiality and market accuracy while drastically reducing potential cost overruns.

We provide the information you need to bind the deal.


  • End user services

Curve will work with you or your tenant(s) to execute the development. Alternatively, we can work with our network of retailers, commercial tenants and brokers to assist with sourcing and securing tenants including fit-tests and design.

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